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Thời gian: 22-2018-XNUMX

Common varieties Hot dip galvanized fasteners,Today ,The technique engineer Andrew from shanghai T&Y hardware( sharing some experience : electric galvanized, powder infiltration of zinc, galvanized machinery and hot dip galvanized four. HDG fasteners mainly on commodity production production process for process technique appearance, then it itself what features it?
1 reliability: between zinc coating and steel metallurgy contact, it becomes part of the appearance of the steel, and therefore the durability of the coating is more reliable;
2.All maintenance: each part of the plating can be plated with zinc, even in depression, sharp corners and hiding places were all able to maintain;
3, the processing cost is low: the cost of hot-dip galvanized anti-rust paint coating other than low cost;
4, saving time and effort: galvanizing process more convenient than other coatings construction method, and can avoid the brushing device at the site required time;
5, by the use of durable: in the outskirts of the environment, standardized hot-dip galvanized thickness may persist for more than 50 years without repair; in urban areas or offshore areas, hot-dip galvanized layer specification can persist for 20 years without repair;
6, coating toughness: hot-dip galvanizing layer constitute a particularly metallurgical structure, this configuration can accept during transportation and use of mechanical damage suffered.