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Time: Jun-22-2018

    Fastener burr refers to the very tiny microscopic metal particles on the surface of fasteners, the particles we have become burr.
How fastener glitches occur when fasteners are cut, ground, milled, and other similar chips are formed. In order to improve the serviceability and service life of fasteners, it is necessary to remove the fastener burrs before using the fasteners. Fasteners are the most commonly used parts on mechanical equipment, but also important parts, so the surface, acute angle and edge are required to achieve high metal cleanliness. The main ways to remove burrs are: traditional mechanical processes, grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation.
A chemical process can also be used to remove the fastener burr so that the quality of the fastener can be better protected by soaking all the fasteners in succession in multiple containers, one of which contains a CULLYGRAT solution. Through a simple soaking will be able to remove all burrs, the workpiece surface smooth, smooth edges and corners, to bring users unprecedented high quality. Chemical deburring with CULLYGRAT is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs.