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Your Reliable Custom Fasteners Manufacturer

February 16,2023

Your Reliable Custom Fasteners Manufacturer

Make sure you're working with a reputable custom fasteners manufacturer whether you're searching for screws, bolts, or nuts. You should be able to get great quality, a variety of stocking program options, and affordable costs from these businesses.

The finest vendors also provide application engineering support to aid in your attempts to improve quality and lower placement costs. To guarantee that you receive the goods you require on time, they should have flexible logistics and strong ties with the businesses in their supply chain.

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Your Reliable Custom Fasteners Manufacturer

Meidoh is a Japanese company that produces high strength nuts and bolts, intricate cold-forged goods, and other products connected to stainless steel fasteners, as the name suggests. They manufacture premium metal hardware that is valued for its sturdiness by Toyota, Yamaha, and other customers.

The business, which has its headquarters in Aichi, Japan, is well situated to benefit from the expansion of the vehicle market in Asia. In addition to shipping straight from their facilities, they provide a comprehensive variety of manufacturing services, including wire drawing, cold forming, rolling, heat treating, and surface treating.

The best thing is that your goods will be shipped JIT using automated processes. The best items are made from materials like brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum alloys, among others. The business has a plastic injection molding division as well. From the food and beverage industry to the medical device industry, they provide services. The business excels in its industry without a doubt. The key to having a high-quality product that meets your needs is choosing the proper manufacturer.

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Aoyama Seisakusho

The company Aoyama Seisakusho produces fasteners for vehicles. hammer bolts, nuts, tapping screws, engine bolts, plastic components, metal-plastic composite components, and unique cold-forged components are among their areas of expertise.

They use casting, milling, and injection molding as production processes. In order to maintain high productivity, they concentrate on standard ASME, ANSI, ISO or custom fasteners or materials and produce a large number of components employing casting technology, automated equipment, and control systems.

Additionally, they manufacture premium components customized for certain uses. Numerous industries, including aerospace, industrial machinery, plumbing supplies, motors, and pumps, utilise their products.

They are an Alpharetta, Georgia-based custom maker of metal hardware, fasteners, and cold formed parts. To fulfill any fastener need, they provide secondary CNC machining, threading, knurling, drilling, shaving, tapping, heat treatment, plating, and other shaping capabilities.

Nord-Lock Group

Nord-Lock Group is a world-leading manufacturer of safe and reliable bolted solutions for a wide range of industries. Their products safeguard human lives and valuable assets.

The company’s four brands – Nord-Lock, Superbolt, Boltight and Expander System – provide ground-breaking technology to solve any bolting challenge. With distribution centers in Europe, North America and Asia, the Nord-Lock Group is ready to respond quickly and effectively to your needs.

Original Nord-Lock wedge-lock washers utilise tension instead of friction to secure bolted joints even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. The washers are installed cam face to cam face, and the rise of the cams is greater than the pitch of the thread, creating a wedge effect that prevents the bolt from loosening unintentionally.

The Nord-Lock technical center performs thousands of tests and trials in the field worldwide, including the Junker test, which is considered the most rigorous vibration test for threaded connections. The center is also equipped with a state-of-the-art Cobra calculation software that calculates preload and torque for Nord-Lock washers and X-series washers.

Rodon Group

Your Reliable Custom Fasteners Manufacturer

Metal components are essential for many reasons, but they won't be very useful if there isn't a mechanism to keep everything in place. This is why special fasteners are frequently required.

A 56-year-old, third-generation family firm, Rodon Group uses 106 injection presses to produce small, precise parts in large batches. Its commodities include a variety of caps, plugs, hex flange bolt, and fasteners in addition to window and door parts and other common items.

Since the economic downturn, Hatfield, Pennsylvania-based Rodon has been at the vanguard of reshoring manufacturing from China. It takes a systematic approach to shoot-and-ship molding, forgoing assembly, and uses robots in more than a third of its 106 molds. It is proud of its American pride.

In the 16th annual awards ceremony for Plastics News, the firm is a finalist for Processor of the Year. January will bring news of the winner. The nominees were judged by the prize committee based on seven factors: business/public service/industry performance, quality, customer/employee relations, environmental performance, financial performance, and technical innovation.