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Inox Stainless Steel A4 A2 Fin Neck Bolts Silo Bolts

Place of Origin:

Shanghai /Zhejiang ,China

Brand Name:


Model Number:

M5-M72, 1/4”--3”




Minimum Order Quantity:

1000kg Or Based on Requirement


0.1usd-0.5 usd per Size

Packaging Details:

Bulk in carton or small package then pallet

Delivery Time:

15-30 days or based on required

Payment Terms:

TT,LC ,Western Union

Supply Ability:


Inox Stainless Steel A4 A2 Fin Neck  Bolts Silo Bolts Quick Detail:

1. Stock For All Standard Item,Fastest Leading
2. OEM &ODM is acceptable
3. Allen Bolts Supplier & Exporter From China
4. Highly skilled teams on hand to provide expert advice and solutions

T&Y Hardware is one of the largest front Inox Stainless Steel A4 A2 Fin Neck Bolts Silo Bolts manufacturing companies in China.

We regularly supply fasteners worldwide, especially in Europe. We export Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts, including grade 8 bolts, Carbon steel nuts, screws, studs, washers, and all fasteners. We take the shortest time to supply. For any large quantity, we provide bulk order opportunity with a large ready stock. Sample order services are also ready.
According to ISO 898, the property classes of Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts steel fasteners exist with 4.6 grade bolt, 4.8 grade bolt, 5.8 grade bolt, 8.8 grade bolt, 9.8 grade bolt, grade 8 Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts, 10.9 grade bolt, and 12.9 grade bolt. The major attraction of T&Y Hardware is our Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts. Our standard method while produce makes it stronger than the average grade 5 bolts. As alloy steel Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts are ready to use for your heavy manufacturing.
For the Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts, please review our latest catalog. As a specification, 8.8 head marking and medium carbon steel material, it's one of the best fasteners we offer. With MPA 580, T&Y Hardware manufacture excellent quality Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts providing a size range of M1.6 - M36. With Minimum Tensile Strength (106 Pa), grade 8 bolts give you the highest output.

Your Best Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts Manufacturers with Custom Specification:

As we introduced our wide range of property classes for Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts, let's have a look at each in more detail. For the 4.6 grade bolt property class, T&Y Hardware provides 4.6 head marking. M5 to M36 size variety is available as low or medium carbon steel.
For 4.8 grade bolts, we offer the same grade of head marking, and the size range is from M1.6 to below M16. Respectively for 5.8-grade bolts, 8.8-grade bolts, and 9.8-grade bolts, T&Y Hardware offers 5.8, 8.8 metric bolts, and 9.8 head marking bolts. As medium carbon steel, the size range is continuously M5 to M24, M1.6 to M36, and for 9.8-grade bolts, its M1.6 to M16.
We also offer the most common 10.9-grade bolts, grade 8 bolts, and 12.9-grade bolts with the most reliable quality. You will find any size range for these two Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts types from M5 to M36 and M1.6 to M36. You also can filter out all the metric fasteners by size range. We have M20 bolt, M24 bolt, M12 1.25 bolt/m12 high tensile bolts, M36 bolt M12 1.5 bolt, and M12 1.7 bolt in stock.
T&Y Hardware is the ISO 9001: 2015 certified standard manufacturer. We offer a sample product delivery free of cost for your consideration. More than that, T&Y Hardware is waiting for your custom specifications. You will get A to Z types of Stainless Steel fin neck silo bolts made of stainless steel. All the fasteners are usable for any industry, whether heavy or agricultural or mining.





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