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DIN186 Inox Stainless Steel hammer head t bolts

Place of Origin:

Shanghai /Zhejiang ,China

Brand Name:


Model Number:

M5-M72, 1/4”--3”




Minimum Order Quantity:

1000kg Or Based on Requirement


0.1usd-0.5 usd per Size

Packaging Details:

Bulk in carton or small package then pallet

Delivery Time:

15-30 days or based on required

Payment Terms:

TT,LC ,Western Union

Supply Ability:


DIN186 Inox Stainless Steel hammer head t bolts Quick Detail:

1. Stock For All Standard Item,Fastest Leading
2. OEM &ODM is acceptable
3. Allen Bolts Supplier & Exporter From China
4. Highly skilled teams on hand to provide expert advice and solutions

The Ultimate Stainless Steel hammer head t bolts Manufacturer in China - T&Y Hardware:

T&Y Hardware is the largest reliable supplier for stainless steel hammer head t bolts with other anchor bolts, carriage bolts expansion bolts, and metric bolts. All lengths from 1 inch to 8 inches and all thread sizes from 1/4"-20 to 3/4"-10 are available to use to export. T&Y Hardware also supplies a custom stainless steel hammer head t bolts to meet all your specification and demand. This powerful thread size t-bolt comes with all the quality standards according to international inspection authority like ISO. In addition, we have ISO: 9001 - 2015 certification on manufacturing the stainless steel hammer head t bolts.
These 304 stainless steel hammer head t bolts have very strength to fasten your machines and structures or any other fixing elements. It is beneficial and common for use with solid metal materials. These stainless steel hammer head t bolts by T&Y Hardware are the best t slot bolts that are rust-resistant. There is no possibility of corrosion while using it for your fastening materials.
You can use these partially threaded T slot bolts for any work-holding components and clamping components. We don't compromise with quality, and that's why T&Y Hardware manufactured stainless steel hammer head t bolts comes with all quality requirements. Our QC department always inspects the stainless steel hammer head t bolts manufacturing process from raw materials to the final product. In the final stage, we check all the stainless steel hammer head t bolts about their quality. If there any t slot bolts that are not qualified in the quality test, we separate them and send them back to the workshop. Also, T&Y Hardware prepares the best process for coating and packaging.

T&Y Hardware Offers Full Line of T Bolts Diameter for Export:

We have a large selection of standard metric t bolts, tee bolts metric or metric t slot, or nuts. We export all size of stainless steel hammer head t bolts such as
● M4 t slot bolts
● M5 t slot bolts
● M6 t slot bolts
● M8 t slot bolts
● M10 t slot bolts
● M12 t slot bolts
● M14 t slot bolts
● M16 t slot bolts
The exact size is also available for metric t nuts. As a leading t slot, bolt manufacturers company T&Y Hardware also supply T nut bolts or T bolt nut, which is also called tee nuts and bolts or blind nut. Whether you need a particular type of hammerhead t bolts, we still supply quality fasteners. Like
1. Threaded t bolts
2. T bolt screw
3. Channel t bolts
4. T handle bolts

If you are worried about the standard and quality, please ask to issue a sample order for you. So you can check the quality and trust us. We promise to revise tooling and offer samples three times, and if still, it can't achieve the requirements or client, we return the tooling charge. But we never compromise with quality. So you don't need to worry about T&Y Hardware manufactured stainless steel hammer head t bolts quality.

Get the Best Exporting Experience With T&Y Hardware for the Quality Stainless Steel hammer head T Bolts:

T&Y Hardware is a reliable, complete solution for your fastener needs. We provide service from manufacturing quality fastener to all support to send it to your hand. No matter its stainless steel hammer head t bolts , t slot screws, or channel t bolts, we create an excellent robust package that provides fast and quicker shipment service to make your life easier. For the last 19 years, we are focused on improving the quality of fasteners like t head bolts, t track nuts and bolts, tee slot bolts, and stainless steel hammer head t bolts .
This stainless steel hammer head t bolts and t nut produced by T&Y hardware has the highest forms of corrosion-resistant steel so that you can use it in your project for a long time. Compared with other counties' fastener manufacturer industry, T&Y hardware is superior to award you the excellent fastener that is environmentally safe and cost-effective.
We have 15 years of exporting experience throughout customers from Europe, South and North America, Southeast Asia. Not only have that, but T&Y Hardware also provided after-sales full line technical support to assist your project. So there is no doubt that T&Y Hardware is worth being the best Manufacturer, Supplying, sourcing, and exporting partner. Providing you the best quality stainless steel hammer head t bolts  and relevant support. So please send us your project inquiry to get the best fastener solution right now.





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