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Where can the U-shaped bolts be used ?

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We all know that in the modern era of reinforced concrete casting, bolts are ubiquitous fasteners in modern life and production, which is usually used with nuts for fastening connecting two parts with open holes.
When fixed, generally as long as the wrench for clockwise twist on the line, in the disassembly of the counterclockwise rotation can be taken down. U-type bolts are usually used in trucks to stabilize the chassis and frame of cars, such as steel plate springs that are connected by U-type bolts.
U type bolts are widely used, but also used for building installation, mechanical accessories connections, vehicles and ships, Bridges, tunnels and railways, etc.   
From the perspective of the application of U type bolt above, mainly see the single field we know, U type bolt used to fixed car chassis and frame, from this we can understand, U type bolt for fixed parts, not let a part in such as overload or overweight and slide, then let us know more about the content of the U-type bolt.


Why can U-type bolts be so widely used?
U type bolt processing technology is generally divided into cold bending and hot bending, U-type bolt is the horse riding bolt, the English name of the horse riding bolt is U-bolt, is a non-standard part.
Its shape is U-shaped, so also called U-shaped bolts, both ends can combine with the nut thread, mainly used to fix tubes such as water pipes or pieces such as car plate spring, because the way of fixed objects is like a horse riding person, so it is called a horse riding bolt.
Main shapes: semicircle, square right Angle, triangle, oblique triangle, etc., U bolts are usually used for installation and fixation, they can also be used for fixed wire can also be used to connect two fittings, U bolts are usually used in the production equipment in the workshop.
Making U-type bolts, usually the long bolt bent into a baffle and square steel U bolts, because the bolt is steel material, to bend into u-type, will need a lot of force, before the baffle is just a steel plate, in the process of bending, by great force, steel easy to deformation outward tilt, affect the use.
We do have a lot of U bolts in our life, and the U bolts do fill our life with convenience. For example, the U-shaped bolts like small clips used in the curtain, and the U-type bolts used on our transportation tools are generally used in shock absorption.
In fact, we often see U-shaped bolts in our life, but usually we may not care about them.


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