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What are the use methods and uses of double head stud bolts?

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Bolts are inseparable in our lives. They are typically used on relatively large buildings or large machines. Although the bolts look simple, they are very powerful. If the machine does not have double head stud bolts, there may be no way to operate. Double head stud bolts are also easier to use than other bolts. Typical use is irreplaceable by other bolts, for example, when used for thicker connections. These pairs of head bolts are very important.

So what is the representation method and standard of the bolts, which I will explain in detail from the decoration field below.


What is the form of the bolt?

General double-head bolts are expressed as: M12? 00 GB / T901-88 (standard) 35 # / 35 # (material) level 8.8 / 8 (modulation level) means: diameter =12mm length =100mm GB / T901-88 is the national standard.

For example, the M12 * 1.25 is usually used. If both ends are of the same thread, M12-1.25 * L (length of one thread) -M12-1.25 * L (length of one thread) * L (total length of one thread) can be expressed as: double-head bolts. If there are six corners in the middle, it can be expressed as: hexagonal double-head stud bolts.


The purpose and working principle of double-head stud bolts refers to the larger diameter screw, which can also have no head. Typical application of local anchor bolts, or similar to the anchor bolts, when the thick connection, ordinary bolts can not achieve.

The specifications of the bolts are marked with threaded specifications d=M12, nominal length L=80mm mm, performance grade 4.8 equal length bolts are fully marked with: GB / T901M1280 803, double head stud bolts are also suitable for large equipment and accessories to be installed. For example, the mechanical seal seat, the reducer frame, etc.

After attachment, screw one end into the body and the other end the nut. Since threads may wear or damage, it is convenient to replace with double head stud bolts. Use double head stud bolts when the connector is very thick and the bolt length is very long. When using two-head bolts in practical work, the threaded connection will loose and loses effectiveness after repeated friction.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of bolt maintenance work at ordinary times. When some large equipment is running normally, if the operation is found to be unstable or abnormal noise occurs, but also to stop the check in time. Typically, during each maintenance period, it is necessary to carefully inspect the newly replaced bihead bolts and other accessories before use to avoid greater problems. As long as you know these specific details, you will understand that there are so many kinds of double head stud bolts.


So in their future need to buy double head stud bolts will be handy. Because there are many sizes and specifications of these fasteners, but there are little differences between each model, but always be familiar with them.

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