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What are the advantages of stainless steel bolt and nut ?

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Stainless steel bolt and nut are often seen, often can be used. Stainless steel screws are particularly applicable. Let me accompany you together to understand it below:


1. More strong adaptability. For stainless steel screws, with the size of the male thread reached, then all can be used. It can be seen that the relative application category of stainless steel bolt and nut is more common than the traditional anchor bolts.
2. The installation is more simple. The traditional anchor bolt before is very complex in the installation link, but now the stainless steel bolt and nut in the whole process is relatively simple, which improves the convenience level for many users.
3. The problems encountered during the installation are reduced, and there is no need to worry about the slanting of the traditional anchor bolt drilling. According to the root cause of the corrosion resistance and rupture of the stainless steel bolt and nut, the hole can be opened immediately in the process of installing the stainless steel fastener, and then installed, so that the pass rate can be close to 100%.
4. The design scheme is novel. This kind of design scheme can ensure that the beauty of the stainless steel fastener is greatly strengthened.
5. There is no confusion in the unnecessary process, just fill the hole in the stainless steel screw, or remove the extra part, so that it can ensure the safety, which is relatively simple, and do not harm the beautiful and generous.
6. It can ensure that the stainless steel bolt and nut have more characteristics under the condition of installation, and ensure that the application level of the screws has been greatly improved.
7. Excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue and damage to corrosion energy, which is used in pumps, valves and other facilities in the case of some anticorrosive substances.
How much is the average strength grade of stainless steel bolt and nut ?
The strength grade is generally between 4.8 and 6.8, because of the relationship between not hard treatment, the strength is not particularly high, the main advantages of stainless steel bolt and nut lie in corrosion resistance, tensile strength.
And other steel screw strength grade is relatively large, there are more than 3.6-12.9,10 strength grades, the carbon steel strength level is higher, in the selection, can be matched according to the specific situation of the connection.


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