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Zinc plated steel bowl washers wafer washer

Place of Origin:

Shanghai /Zhejiang ,China

Brand Name:


Model Number:





Minimum Order Quantity:

200kg Or Based on Requirement


0.3usd-0.5 usd per Size

Packaging Details:

Bulk in carton or small package then pallet

Delivery Time:

15-30 days or based on required

Payment Terms:

TT,LC ,Western Union

Supply Ability:


Zinc plated steel bowl washers wafer washer Quick Detail:

1. Stock For All Standard Item,Fastest Leading
2. OEM &ODM is acceptable
3. Wafer washer Supplier & Exporter From China
4. Highly skilled teams on hand to provide expert advice and solutions

T&Y Hardware Is The Largest Manufacturer Of wafer washer In China:

wafer washer is an industry-standard fastener. Metric lock washers, such as wafer washer, are widely used. wafer washer is available in two form factors: type A and type B. Type B is distinguished by having a square or straight end.
Shanghai T&Y Hardware Industry Co. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of fasteners in China. T&Y Hardware manufactures the highest-quality wafer washer available. We provide wafer washer made of stainless steel that are of extremely high-quality galvanized lock washers. We rigorously test all of our wafer washer following the ISO 9001/2015 standard.

T&Y Hardware Contains Various Types Of wafer washer:

T&Y Hardware, a fastener manufacturing company with 19 years of experience, is the number one-ranked company in China. We constantly offer high-quality all-grade wafer washer to our customers. We are highly stringent and attentive to the quality of our fasteners. We are working with many leading companies in the USA for 10 years.
We can also produce and maintain additional quality standards to suit your demands. Our m10 & m12 lock washers are ideal for use in various residential, industrial, and commercial applications, including cars, plumbing, automotive body repair, wood paneling, drywall, panels, and attaching signboards.
T&Y Hardware is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and availability. We produce and sell a wide selection of stainless-steel wafer washer in various forms, sizes, and materials. We have a sizable manufacturing capacity to meet your high-volume requirements. wafer washer Helical Spring Lock Washers in the following measures are in stock and ready to ship immediately: Steel and stainless-steel diameters ranging from M3 to M72.

T&Y Hardware Is A Great Place To Buy The Most Reliable Stainless-Steel  wafer washer On The Market:

T&W Hardware is an established producer of fasteners. T&Y Hardware operates a manufacturing facility that is around 2500 square meters. As a consequence, we can produce about 500 tons of fasteners every month.  wafer washer is also in stock in large quantities and is available for fast shipping worldwide. We have to interact with customers from 343 different companies that are active in 39 other countries. Currently, we are operating as key suppliers for three of the leading furniture brands in Europe.
T&Y Hardware manufactures stainless steel spring washers that are incredibly safe and risk-free to use. The primary benefits of our high-quality spring washer are its strong corrosion resistance and load-bearing capability, which are both excellent. It outperforms all other spring washers on the market in terms of strength and lifetime durability.
T&Y Hardware is the best place to buy wafer washer. We provide you with high-quality, cutting-edge items that are available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing our wafer washer, we can provide free samples upon request. T&Y Hardware also provides online customer assistance that is available 24/7 for your convenience.







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