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DIN6921 DIN6923 Serrated Lock Nuts Din6926 Din6923 hex flange nuts

Place of Origin:

Shanghai /Zhejiang ,China

Brand Name:


Model Number:





Minimum Order Quantity:

200kg Or Based on Requirement


0.3usd-0.5 usd per Size

Packaging Details:

Bulk in carton or small package then pallet

Delivery Time:

15-30 days or based on required

Payment Terms:

TT,LC ,Western Union

Supply Ability:


DIN6921 DIN6923  Serrated Lock Nuts Din6926 Din6923 hex flange nuts

Quick Detail:

1. Stock For All Standard Item,Fastest Leading
2. OEM &ODM is acceptable
3. Flange nuts Supplier & Exporter From China
4. Highly skilled teams on hand to provide expert advice and solutions

T&Y Hardware Provides The Highest-Quality Stainless Din6926 Din6923 hex flange nuts:

DIN 6923 Hexagon Flange Nuts are hexagonal with a circular washer-like base that improves the weight-bearing surface area, distributing the load over a larger size when tightened to the specified torque value. T&Y Hardware offers the best Hexagon flange nuts by DIN 6923 are with or without serrations. The serrations are engaged to serve as a locking mechanism, preventing loosening caused by vibrational pressures. T&Y Hardware manufactured hex nuts include an internally threaded design with a hex drive, making them suitable for almost all general applications. Our DIN 6923 Din6926 Din6923 hex flange nutss are utilized in various applications and are best paired with bolts and washers that have the same finish.
T&Y Hardware Industry Co. Ltd. is one of the world's biggest producers of fasteners and is one of the world's largest makers of fasteners. Stainless steel DIN 6923 Din6926 Din6923 hex flange nuts is standard for all of our utensils. Therefore we always offer the best quality. T&Y Hardware puts all its hexagon nuts through a thorough testing process following the ISO 9001/2015 standard. For the last 19 years, T&Y Hardware has exclusively focused on the production and research of fasteners and other fastening systems.

T&Y Hardware Offers A Large Selection Of Stainless DIN 6921 Hexagon flange Nuts In A Variety Of Sizes:

T&W Hardware Industry manufactures hexagon nuts made of carbon steel plating. We devote equal emphasis on both quality and quantity. Our 10 years of professional working experience with the top 10 hardware businesses in the united states gives us a unique perspective on the industry. We also have almost 15 years of professional DIN 6921 operating expertise in the field of fasteners exportation. Our clients come from 343 different businesses that are operating in 39 other countries.
T&Y Hardware is a one-stop store for all kinds of DIN 6921 nut and bolt assembly needs. In addition, T&Y Hardware offers items in stock and ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. It is our R&D department's responsibility to manage our 2500 square meter workshop with a monthly production capacity of 500 tons. We have Senior engineers with more than 10 years of expertise working in the R&D department.

T&Y Hardware Sells The Most Suitable And Reliable DIN 6923 Hexagon flange Nut With A Fast Shipping :

T&Y Hardware has an ISO9001-certified quality control team that examines raw materials, semi-finished goods, and completed items. T&Y Hardware offers free samples and accepts trial orders. Our stainless DIN 934 nut is easy to order in various quantities. We provide free samples and online customer support. 24/7. We do everything possible to protect our goods' high quality.
Overall, T&Y Hardware is your one-stop final destination for all DIN 6923 fasteners. Get a fast quote with the answer to all your question around DIN 6923 fastener. Our customer service and excellent quality in time allow us to give you the highest satisfaction. With a combination of world export class products such as DIN 6923 and fantastic service, T&Y Hardware is the name of a perfect combination for your all fastener needs. Please send us your order today.







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