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Aluminum profiles Strut channel Nuts Spring Nuts

Place of Origin:

Shanghai /Zhejiang ,China

Brand Name:


Model Number:





Minimum Order Quantity:

200kg Or Based on Requirement


0.3usd-0.5 usd per Size

Packaging Details:

Bulk in carton or small package then pallet

Delivery Time:

15-30 days or based on required

Payment Terms:

TT,LC ,Western Union

Supply Ability:


Aluminum profiles Strut channel Nuts Spring Nuts Quick Detail:

1. Stock For All Standard Item,Fastest Leading
2. OEM &ODM is acceptable
3. Spring nuts Supplier & Exporter From China
4. Highly skilled teams on hand to provide expert advice and solutions

T&Y Hardware - The Best channel nuts spring nuts Manufacturer & Supplier For Cable Tray:

T&Y Hardware manufacturer some greatest channel nuts to our premium customers, ensuring the best quality. As a result, to use in your lips of strut channels, T&Y Hardware manufactured channel nuts provide the highest gripping strength and secure the threaded rod and also other hardware into struts. We manufacture several finishes, coated, materials and types. You will get all of the channel nuts spring nuts dimensions in one place. T&Y Hardware is the complete hardware fastener solution for your operation.
If you believe in your Long Spring Plastic Strut Nut channel nuts spring nuts quality, T&Y Hardware is worth being your long-time business partner, which can help you lead your project to a successful effort. We ensure high strength, powerful and corrosion resistance while manufacturing for your ultimate reliable stainless steel channel nuts fastener. T&Y Hardware never compromises with the quality and strictly follow the guideline by international quality inspection authority. As a result, all of our strut channel nuts come with ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS, IFI, JIS verified and certified.

Get The Quickest Delivery For channel nuts spring nuts With The Largest Volume Stock:

T&Y Hardware has large steel, stainless steel, 18-8 stainless steel channel nut, 316 stainless steel channel nuts spring nuts material available in stock for quick delivery. The material grades are Grade 2/5/8 and Class 4.8/8.8/10.9. We offer all channel nuts spring nuts dimensions such as m5 channel nuts, m6 channel nuts, M6.3 channel nuts, m8 channel nuts, m10 channel nuts, m22 channel nuts, 4 3/4" channel nuts, and many more. T&Y Hardware manufactured channel nuts are the most secure and risk-free fastener for any useful application. You can easily use them for any commercial, industrial or residential use, such as Healthcare, Food & Beverage, General Industry, Automotive Industry.
T&Y Hardware manufactures a plenty number of finish channel nuts. They come with ZINC Plated, Passivated, Chrome Plated, Cadmium Plated, Blue Phosphate, Waxed, Zinc, and Wax. We manufacture strut channel nuts with several coatings such as Plain/Zinc plated / H. D. G. / Dacromet. So there is no chance to be corrosive and have a longer lifetime. For your excellent stainless steel channel nuts, channel nuts and bolts, channel nuts with spring and channel nuts spring nuts unistrut, T&Y Hardware is the final One-stop purchasing destination.

T&Y Hardware Is Waiting With The Best Service To Cooperate With You For A Successful Project With spring nut:

T&Y Hardware has more than 19 years of experience manufacturing long spring plastic strut nut channel nuts. We also manufacture custom channel nuts with your specification. T&Y Hardware allows you to order a sample to check our excellent quality. T&Y Hardware became your professional leading spring nut manufacturing company in China for focusing both before sales and after-sales support.
T&Y Hardware is very popular for manufacturing full line strut channel nuts, long spring channel nuts, channel nuts spring nuts unistrut, t channel nuts. We have a massive capability of fastener production in our largest manufacturing factory. With a good and safe packaging quality, T&Y Hardware the highest security for your channel nuts spring nuts delivery. Our sales, service, and technical team are waiting to cooperate with you. Contact us today.







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